Custom Development Services

The demand for specialized photonic polishing systems has been the impetus to form KrellTech’s LightWorks Solution Team. Our group consists of select design engineers dedicated to the development of new and unique equipment that addresses custom requirements and specifications.

LightWorks has over 50 years accumulated experience in the photonics and fiber optic industries. We have provided customer-targeted polishing and inspection instrumentation for applications that include:

  • Biophotonics/Optogenetics (OCT, illumination, catheters, laser delivery)
  • Aerospace/Defense (high reliability connectors, advanced Mil-spec termini, fiber gyros)
  • Photonics Packaging (optical chips, PICs, waveguides, fiber arrays, PLCs)
  • Optical Research (quantum computing, AR/VR/MR/XR, nanoptics, optofluidics)

For our complete understanding of your unique project and specifications, please provide as much of the following requested information. Our team will review and make contact, providing the optimal equipment solution.

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