Defense & Aerospace

Mission critical applications demand high reliability and ruggedized optical connections. In turn, these termini performance requirements exceed those of connectors found in commercial optical systems and networks. Fiber is now installed and deployed in aircraft, naval vessels, space vehicles and the battlefield. Manufacturers such as Glenair, ITT, Delphi, Amphenol, Stran and QPC have been developing components that meet stringent military specifications and must be supported by advanced polishing equipment.

Equipment requirements:

  • Repeatable processing for Mil-spec termini and contacts (pin and socket) including M29504, ARINC 801, LuxCis, GHC, QLink, NGCON, ELIO and more.
  • Workholder polishing fixtures that incorporate optically aligned termini holders designed to yield endface geometries that exceed the requirements of commercial applications.
  • Independent, floating suspension feature that eliminates the need of termini leveling.
  • A single universal polishing jig that supports all UPC system termini, connectors, ferrules and components.
  • Mass production and field transportable equipment configurations.
  • Compliance with the rigors of extreme environments.