Photonic Packaging & Devices

High speed optical transport systems, from submarine to FTTX, are powered by cutting edge photonic transmission and networking components. The newest optical devices integrate waveguides, fiber arrays, planar optical circuits (PLC and PIC) and various WDM chips. Packaging these components demand specialized equipment capable of processing miniature connectors, optical substrates and bare fiber interfaces.

Equipment requirements:

  • Micron-level control of component positioning, in reference to the polishing surface, for précised material stock removal.
  • Workholder fixtures that incorporate flexible holding mechanisms for polishing waveguides and optical chips having varying dimensions.
  • The ability to polish bare fibers and waveguides at user-selectable angles to minimize back-reflection within an optical device.
  • Video monitoring systems for viewing the polishing process in real-time.
  • Video monitoring systems for inspecting the quality of polished surfaces.