NOVA™ Bare Fiber Polishing System

NOVA™'s flexible processing platform allows it to be configured for polishing bare fibers. Fibers can be polished at variable angles from 0 to 50 degrees using specialized workholders and adapters.  A variety of fiber types from standard singlemode to PM, and sapphire to PCF can be processed.  A quick swap-out of adapters allow the polishing of fiber diameters from 80um to >3mm.

Optional video inspection systems monitor the polishing process and inspect the polished surface directly in NOVA.  In-line viewing minimizes material handling and is a means to confirm endface geometry before removing the fiber from the machine.

Conical and chisel fiber tips can also be formed using the Orbit™ Shaping Module (see below).

Radian™ Bare Fiber Polisher

Krell’s Radian™ System provides the ability to polish optical fibers at user-selectable and variable angles. Interchangeable adapters accommodate fibers of various diameters and material types. Bare fiber, glass rod or optical bundle polishing is possible with high speed processing. The rotary stage can be interchanged with a variety workholders for polishing fiber optic connectors. Radian™ is ideal for laboratory, R&D and low volume manufacturing applications.

Expand Radian’s™ versatility beyond bare fiber processing.  Adapters are available for polishing a variety of industry standard and custom connector/ferrule types, as well as rods/lenses.  Polish components to flat, UPC and angled geometries.

Orbit™ Bare Fiber Coning and Chisel System

Orbit enhances NOVA's bare fiber processing with conical and chisel tip shaping. Unique fiber tip geometries can be formed for lensing, sensing and light guiding applications.

The fiber rotation module can be mounted on standard NOVAvariable angle and waveguide workholders.  Fiber "spin" speed is user adjustable, and can be set for continual rotation or the unique "360 auto-reverse" motion that prevent fiber twisting and torquing.

All variables are entered and selected via a touchscreen on the Orbit controller.  When combined with NOVAAuto-Angle Workholders, Orbit precisely positions the polishing fixture at the designed angle on a repeatable basis.

DART Bare Fiber Adapter

DART™ opens new worlds for traditional bare fiber holding.  In addition to temporarily securing a fiber at a fixed position, an integrated roller mechanism moves the fiber in and out of the adapter.  This allows for variable protrusion and retraction of the fiber endface relative to DART™’s precision support ferrule.

The universal 2.5mm ferrule interfaces with a variety of equipment and components such as polishers, electro-optic packages, test equipment and more.  DART™ can be configured for fiber diameters ranging from 80um to >1mm using interchangeable ferrule tips.